COLLISION N2 48X36 inches

Faces collisions. Very intersting painting as Catherine played with different meduims, using light ans shadow. Starting from bottom left, the face is draw with crayon as it get in contact with other faces, the faces absorb the next meduim. It is a continuty, all the faces are one, getting more define as they touch each other, from a kiss on the right side that connect all the faces together. It is the perfect mic-mac of connections, and textures.

Mixed media




Mixed media; crayon and paint on canvas

48 x 36 inches


A collision of faces that simultaneously absorb and connect one another to become one. By playing with different mediums and using light and shadow, each face absorbs the next medium it comes in contact with to create definition and continuity. The perfect mix-match of connections, this painting embodies how we are the sum total of our experiences.