SPC – 28X28 inches

Two faces in one. One abstract under the shaddow self of Catherine, you can see 2eyes and a mouth. she painted her shaddow standing in front of the painting, and made a realistic old version of her self. It is a mix between her older style and her newest style.

Mix media
Ink, Pigment, Charcoal, Water color, finishing Epoxy that make the colors and textures stand out in a shiny way.



28 x 28 inches

Mix media; ink, pigment, charcoal, watercolor and epoxy finish on canvas


An exploration  self-reflection, Catherine painted two versions of herself: the abstract shadow self and a more realistic, older version of herself. It is a reflection of the complex interplay between light and shadow, chaos and order, past and present. It invites viewers to contemplate the dualities within their own lives and embrace the beauty of embracing all facets of the self.